Meeting Minutes: March 30, 2010

Meeting was spent entirely on discussing current kitchen mission and potential changes.  Ideas included:

– posting an in-season food list and recipe request folder
– putting out a comment box
– posting weekly garden availability list
– using one dinner every month to pick apart everything about the food being served – “food literacy nights”?
– setting numerical goal for local/organic food use?
– labeling Sterling food all the time!
– having kitchen update at community meetings
– posting pictures/bios of kitchen staff on website and in d-hall
– paint tables at all-college work day
– reopen root cellar discussions
– incorporate food learning into more courses and into A Sense of Place orientation
– do farm tours with ag faculty (and possibly kitchen staff) to tie what we eat into what is done there
– and more… an updated mission proposal will be posted soon.

Meeting Minutes: October 20, 2009

Present: Brodie, Chloe, Anna, Jade, Katie


  • Community Dinner tomorrow at the Church on the common.
  • Fresh (movie next Thursday) with local popcorn.
  • We haven’t found any local sources of cooking oil.
  • Haven’t found any affordable jam without HFCS.
  • Food Inc on November 5th.
  • We harvested sunflowers.
  • Local Dinner on 10/28.

A Sense of Plate

Meeting Minutes: October 6, 2009

Present: Charlotte, Joe, Maria, Kelsey, Brody, Jascha, Jack, Nate, Andy M, Steve, Sara T, Rick, Brian C, Corie, Anna, Jade, Alison, Katie R


* The bread oven was fired on Saturday! And the bread was delicious. Thanks Andy and Olivia!

* Sustainability Grant: Anna, Steve, Nate, Jascha, and Katie will meet Thursday at lunch to discuss the grant.

* Lots of Sterling fruit has been in the fruit basket! Thanks to everyone who has been bringing it in!

* Family weekend saw some great Sterling food. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!

* Nutrition class will put on a Sterling dinner on October 28

* We have some new sources for local meat (Deb Clark and Jascha’s contacts).

* Jack will contact a reliable VT potato farmer

* Jade and Corie are writing a survey for next week.

Concerns this week:

* Are the vegetarian options substantial enough?

* Canola Oil is not sustainable or healthy

A Sense of Plate

Meeting Minutes: September 29, 2009

Present: Chloe, Greg B, Anna, Charlotte, Corie, Katie, Sara, Jascha, Steve, Meghan, Erica, Hannah M

Goals Brainstorm:

• The Sterling Community will be eating what it grows and what it can find locally by 2011

• Increase student involvement in food procurement and preparation

• Increase awareness (inside and outside Sterling) of where our food is coming from

• Use the food served at Sterling to secure funding for the school- grants, etc

• Diversify the types of produce grown (ex “weird” root vegetables and greens)

• Find out what non-local items are most important to the community (ex coffee, bananas, citrus, chocolate)

Good News About Our Food:

• This Saturday (10/3) dinner will be mostly Sterling food

• All College Work Day will have another Sterling dinner (and movie?)

• Last week 40% of the food (by weight) bought by the Kitchen was from VT

• 10% of the food last week was produced by Sterling

• 80% of our vegetables in the fall semester are from Sterling gardens

• With the new hoop house, the garden will produce all of the greens that Sterling eats next year and extend the growing season for other crops

• The hoop house is arriving now!

What Concerns Us About Our Food?

• High Fructose Corn Syrup (jams, baked goods)

• Genetically Modified Foods

• Antibiotics in Animal Products

• “Factory Farmed” Meat

• Other “scary” additives

New Projects!

• Anna is working on local meat this week- Chloe and Jascha will help

• Sterling Dinner on Saturday- everyone come and talk it up!

• Sara is looking at the carbon footprint of fruit, coffee, sugar, etc

• Steve is examining producing Sterling’s tofu and seitan

• Greg is researching pawpaws and hardy kiwis

• Sara is also getting info about making apple cider vinegar for the Kitchen

• Shannon and Charlotte are talking about weird produce for next year


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