Introducing Greenfield Highland Beef

Tuesday’s lunch will feature beef from a Vermont-based operation that is new to Sterling College.  With farms in Plainfield and Greensboro, Greenfield Highland Beef offers grass-fed/grass-finished, humanely raised beef straight from the Northeast Kingdom.  In fact, it’s close enough that our kitchen manager was able to drive over to Greensboro the other day to check out the farm… and he learned that in stark contrast to most commercial beef operations, co-owner Ray Shatney apparently knows each of his 80 animals by name.  With respect to social responsibility, Greenfield Highland Beef donates a portion of every animal butchered to the VT Foodbank and is a member of Hardwick’s Center for an Agricultural Economy.  Mr. Shatney and partner Janet Steward claim that their beef is “low in cholesterol, high in omega 3, free of chemical pesticides, free of antibiotics, free of artificial hormones, free of animal biproducts, and is USDA certified.”  On top of all that, it only traveled to St. Johnsbury for butchering.  (Some of you may wonder why it even went that far and wasn’t slaughtered on-farm… we looked into it, and regulations require colleges to have beef sent to USDA-inspected facilities).

Sterling is proud to support yet another quality Vermont farm.  If you’d like to learn more about Greenfield Highland Beef, take a look at their website:


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