New Study on Feeding the World

Friends of the Earth, a UK-based organization whose campaigns are for “Fair Future, Healthy Planet, Safe Climate, and Smart Economy” recently came out with an interesting new study.

The group claims that it is possible for us to feed the growing global population sustainably, and that it is in our power to push back against big agribusiness companies and better the state of the world in the process.  Their main finding:

Despite pushes from agribusiness to intensify farming to feed a growing global population that is expected to reach over nine billion by 2050, the researchers found that a diet equivalent to eating meat three times a week would allow forests to remain untouched, animals to be farmed in free-range conditions and greener farming methods to be used.

Something to think about as we go back home for break and might run into some naysayers about sustainable agriculture.

Read the whole press release at


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