Help Needed!

Volunteer help is very much needed for two projects this week:

#1 – Helping the Elementary school students put on a Harvest Supper for the community (Anna needs extra hands at pretty much any time Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday)… tasks include cooking, decorating, veggie chopping, set-up, and clean-up. And you get to eat dinner with us! (It’s free and open to everyone).

#2 – Pies for People squash seed extraction. Some of you may remember Pies for People from last year (if you don’t, it’s an event where a bunch of community partners chip in to make pies for people in need). We’re doing it again this year… but on twice the scale! At some time on Wednesday, the folks down at Pete’s Greens are extracting seed from the squash we’ll use, and they need 3 volunteer helpers.

If you can participate in either of these events (even for a short amount of time!), PLEASE get in touch with Anna: OR at meals Tuesday OR hanging out in the little office across from the copy room on 2nd floor Kane.


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