Rural Heritage Institute at Sterling

Well folks, it’s here.

Incredibly exciting program with all kinds of workshops, presentations, field trips and fascinating roundtables.

I’m particularly interested in the Farmer’s Roundtable held tonight and moderated by Severine Von Tscharner Fleming of The Greenhorns. It’s a great group of farmers who will be participating and I’m looking forward to the discussion.

The author of American Cheeses:The Best Regional, Artisan, and Farmhouse Cheeses, Who Makes Them, and Where to Find Them, Clark Wolf will moderate a Chef’s Roundtable on Wednesday night after the Local Foods Banquet, of which I am honored to participate in with a group of talented chefs from the area: Eric Warnstedt of Hen of the Wood, Steven Obranovich of Claire’s Restaraunt and Jeff Egan of The Bee’s Knees. I feel humble…

Meanwhile, the staff and myself will be in the kitchen cooking up all kinds of goodies. In particular, the Local Foods Banquet will have much of our own Sterling grown food along with roasted chicken from Gopher Broke Farm; vegetables and greens from Pete’s Greens, Bub’s Best, Hazendale Farm, and local cheese from Bonnieview and Ploughgate. We are putting extra emphasis on local this week, fresh bread coming out of our ears, and desserts that makes our bellies smile.


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