Random Kitchen Updates

Milk: I got the word from Nancy at Strafford Organic Creamery that they are running low on milk and won’t have much more to give us. I’ve been supplementing with milk from Hood when needed and will work on finding another bulk resource that is hormone/antibiotic free if organic is unavailable.

From the Garden: Heidi and her garden crew brought in the most wonderful carrots that overwintered in the ground. We’ve been using them the past two days and they are sweet, crisp and beautiful. We are still using Sterling’s beets and parsnips too and I have a yummy veggie slaw in the works to take advantage of all the sweet flavors and textures.

From the Meathouse: Well folks, we are down to our last 5# of Sterling beef and about 50# of Sterling ground pork.  With only two weeks to go, there isn’t time to order more local meats from Brault’s, so we’ll be substituting with conventional meat the last week or so. That said, I’m looking forward to getting more local ham, bacon, beef, pork from Brault’s and we are talking to a few others who are interested in raising pork and turkeys for us too. Stay tuned!

In the Dining Hall: A crew of 6 enthusiastic students worked wonders in the kitchen and in the dining hall last Thursday for All College Work Day. Windows were cleaned, paint brushes were wielded and the Kitchen Board has been updated with more info on our local producers. Thank you!


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