Yes, I know it’s been around for awhile now, but the snow has only recently melted from the shadows of the buildings and the grass has been green for almost two weeks. A couple of nights ago, while wandering around my backyard, I heard peepers for the first time and listened to the mating songs of the woodcocks that are fond of the wetland by the road. To me, this has become a sure sign of spring, heralding the warmer months ahead.

Another sign of spring are the lovely salad greens that our local farmers are harvesting from their greenhouses. At Sterling College, we’ve enjoyed both Pete’s Greens and the one-man operation, Bub’s Best. This morning, Robert Linck or “Bub” dropped off 12 pounds of delicious greens and red radishes for tomorrow’s Counselors Tour. We are dressing them with a maple balsamic vinaigrette (Sterling’s maple syrup of course!) as well as crispy apples from Champlain Orchards.

In other signs of spring, although we continue to enjoy the beets from the fall, we are also eating the spring-dug parsnips which will soon be joined by sweet carrots that overwintered in the ground.  Next time you see Heidi and her garden crew, make sure to thank them for all the hard work. It’s cold, muddy and wet from start to finish and without their dedication, the crew in the kitchen couldn’t bring you all this Sterling-grown goodness.


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