The Sunflower Saga Continues


Long, long ago in the Sterling College gardens, an enterprising group of agricultural enthusiasts planted a small crop of sunflowers for oil.

After weeks of growing in a historically wet summer, the sunflowers were harvested and stored, waiting to be turned into cooking oil.  There they stayed, filled with potential.  Eventually, some of the comrades fell victim to mold, but others held strong.

Students helped to thresh and further process the seeds until one spring day when an amazing pressing contraption, arrived on campus.  Still more students joined in the journey of the sunflowers to toast and press the seeds.

So finally, after months of work and patience, the kitchen is using the sunflower seed oil grown in our gardens! The versatile oil has been in our soups and salads this week.

Thank you everyone who made our meals a little more Sterling-grown!


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