Featured Producer: Vermont Soy


VT Soymilk

Vermont Soy
Hardwick, VT

Asain legumes meet Northeast Kingdom ingenuity!

Todd Pinkham and Andrew Meyer co-own this soy-based enterprise located just over ten miles from Sterling College. Vermont Soy is a company dedicated to producing fresh, organic soy products that support the local economy and sustainable agriculture. All of the beans are non-GMO, grown and processed locally into scrumptious soymilk and tofu.

Here at Sterling, we purchase Vermont Soy tofu by the bucket, eating at least one five gallon pail every week. The soymilk we drink totals about five gallons per week. Vermont Soy soymilk comes in Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Unsweetened varieties. We keep the soymilk inside the milk fridge, above the organic cow’s milk.

Vermont Soy doesn’t just source its beans locally. Remember Sterling alum Beth Mullen? She now works at Vermont Soy as their marketing and sales assistant.

So thanks Vermont Soy for all that you do to provide us with fresh, local fod everyday!

VT Soymilk


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